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Ural Chemical Calculator - Registration Form

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Registration by credit card is a fastest way to register your copy of Ural Chemical Calculator. But if you cannot or do not want to order by credit card, you may fill and submit this registration form (i.e. press "Submit" button below).

Full name
Program version number to register
Number of copies to register
required, discounts are available
Application field
optional, discounts are available
Source of information about the program
Source of the program copy
I would like to receive E-mail info on new version of UrChemCalc
Comments and suggestions

Registration fee is 30 USD per copy or less (if discounts are applicable). The field "Number of copies to register" must be equal to the number of workstations with access to the UrChemCalc for installation in a network; in case of significant number of workstations, discounts are significant too. You will be informed on the exact sum and payment method via E-mail ASAP upon submission of this form.

If you are a registered user of the version 2.1 (or 2.0), your don't need to submit this form. The substitution of one registered v2.1 (or v2.0) copy to one v2.2 copy is absolutely FREE. Your old registration number is valid to register v2.2 locally.

If you are a registered user of the version 1.6 (or 1.0-1.5), type your full name carefully and enter your registration number into the field "Comments and suggestions" - version 2.2 is FREE for you, but the registration number must be changed. You will receive the new number via E-mail next day upon submission of this form.

 Good news!  Registration and support on Slovak and Czech languages are available now:

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