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Links to the online registration forms for Ural Chemical Calculator
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The links below are for registering Ural Chemical Calculator shareware you use by credit card through PsL or DigiBuy. Credit cards only, that is.
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In case of installation in a network a number of copies to register must be equal to a number of workstations with access to the Ural Chemical Calculator.

If you place your credit card order now, as a bonus, you can save 80% on the latest PsL Shareware CD-ROM with thousands of the latest freeware and shareware programs for home and office. The CD-ROM normally sells for $30 plus shipping, but when ordering Ural Chemical Calculator, you can get it for just $6 plus shipping with a full money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Links above are for placing credit card orders only. If you have any questions or comments, if you do not receive the registration code after having placed an order, please contact me, the author, by e-mail and do NOT call PsL. They cannot help you out. They just inform me that you called.

A frequent problem with Internet orders is that the email address I receive to send the order to is wrong. To reduce this risk, send me an email message after placing your order mentioning your email address in the mail body.

Also note that it can take several days before you actually receive the registered product. Please take this into account if you are on a deadline. Screaming that you need it fast will not make the order get processed any faster.

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