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Andrey Lakhtin's Page

Welcome to my Web page created 5 September 1997 (thanks to Tripod).

As an introductory beginning Iíd like to say several words about myself. I have a position in the Institute of Solid State Chemistry of Ural Division of Russian Academy of Science, Ekaterinburg, Russia. Several years ago Iíve got a Ph.D. degree in physics and mathematics. My current scientific interests are related to thermodynamics and transport phenomena in complex oxides like HTSC, LSCO, etc. As modern scientific research often requires to be highly skilled in computers, Iíve got also some expertise in programming. A number of programs, I have developed, are intensively used in local scientific institutions and in industry. Itís just a pleasure to hear from time to time that my home made software is as powerful, many-purposeful and reliable as the products from professional software developers. This kind of responses encouraged me to think that some programs of mine could be of interest for a wider public. Therefore, I decided to present several ones in WWW. My intention is to make it gradually upon availability of the English versions and installation packages to be prepared.

Now take a look at the nice instrument for chemical calculations which might be useful for scientists and chemical engineers: If you are a programmer, and you make programs for chemists, take a look at the "chemical" components package for Delphi3:

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