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Ural Chemical Calculator Version 2.1

(C) Copyright 1996,1997 by Andrey Lakhtin, Ekaterinburg

Russian (Windows1251)
This program has been designed to calculate masses of the starting substances and of the respective products of chemical reactions. The reaction equation may be known exactly or partially only. The program features are As a result, the program saves your time and significantly decreases a chance to make a mistake.
Program requirements: UrChemCalc_v2.1 supports Russian and English languages. Click here to see some examples of UrChemCalc output.

TO INSTALL Ural Chemical Calculator :

UrChemCalc is shareware, and is distributed to be used for a limited period of 30 days. You are free to copy and distribute this software in the unmodified form. After the 30 day trial period the software should be registered or removed from the user's system. Registration Form and instructions are available in UrChemCalc Help after installation.
Any questions, suggestions or comments related to UrChemCalc are accepted here.

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